About Lily Andersen

Hi I'm Lily!
Entrepreneur, Mom and Jeweler
All my life I’ve been surrounded by the arts. My mom is a clothing designer and my father, a Hollywood filmmaker. Seeing both parents so immersed in creativity helped me to find my own voice at a very early age. I was making pretty things by hand all throughout my elementary years, into high school, then college and onward. Any time that I moved to a new city, those 6 very large craft boxes full of everything imaginable would travel with me.
After many "job-jobs" and lots of 9-5, I knew that life had more in store for me. I was hitting rock bottom in the career sector of life, nothing was cutting it.

I got clear on what made me excited and how I could impact people. I worked everything from that point and an ethical, heart centered jewelry business began to emerge. Since then I've had the opportunity to work with two incredible charity organizations and have networked with amazing teachers, mentors and jewelers around the world.
In 2014 I completed Marie Forleo’s B-school to get tuned up on my business skills. I also finished the two year intensive Jewelry Diploma program at Kootenay School of the Arts/Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. Shortly after graduation I opened my new studio and collaborative space called "The Bench Jewelry Studio" in Nelson and have 4 talented jewelers working on their businesses at the space.
Stay tuned! I've got lots more in store...
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