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Testimonials for Lily Andersen Jewelry

“My friend bought me a gorgeous wrap bracelet that is so beautiful that upon receiving it I cried. I love the style – I had been coveting them, and voila – it was mine. Now, I’m the kind of person who likes to just keep my jewelry on so I wore the bracelet throughout our hot summer – swimming in pools, lakes, the ocean and showering…and much to my surprise the bracelet did not show any signs of wear and tear.  Lily makes quality bracelets that last and last and last.  And, they’ll make you look super cool to boot!”      

…Jodi Derkson, Imperative Education

“Lily is so very talented. Her bracelets are full of authentic creative juiciness. You can tell she loves what she does and it shows in her work. There is value in this product. The quality it certainly there. I get many compliments on my Lily Anderson bracelet. I even wear it when I go to yoga.”

…Aphrodite Karagioules – Travel specialist

“Lily’s bracelets are so special and made with love and care. That is the difference between her and others. She takes great pride in her work. Each one is handcrafted and take lots of time and concentration. Beautiful!”

  • Mara Lovell – Mom and jewelry enthusiast

“I picked up a bracelet for my girlfriend last summer and she wears it almost every single day!

It compliments every outfit she wears , whether she rocked it on her wrist or on her ankle. 

It’s obviously been made very well due to the fact that she wears it so much and it still looks as shiny and new as it did the day I bought it! Any guys out there, this is a win for any friend, girlfriend, mother, sister, auntie for sure!!

…Otis Davis, Sound Technician

“My husband gave me a Lily Andersen because he said it was sensual like me…it’s become a representation of our relationship. I love it so much and it speaks to my spirit.

…Despina Tzotzolos, Concurrent Disorders Clinician

“Ever since I put on my Lily Andersen bracelet I have literally never taken it off! Its part of me. 

Humans have adorned themselves with jewelry since the beginning of time. A bracelet is a powerful communication tool. It shows the world you have a certain positive reverence for life. Its an expression of beauty and love to the world. If you are looking for a piece to express yourself that is locally hand made to the highest quality and imbued with love then look no further.”

Sam Clemens – Hobo Woodworks -Vancouver BC